IDentify software is a comprehensive platform for phenotypic screening that allows investigators to generate far more detailed investigative leads from DNA samples than has previously been possible. This enhances investigative effectiveness in the following ways:

  • No reference sample needed: Obtain investigational info where none existed previously
  • All in one solution: Provides more extensive information than what is available through multiple methodologies
  • Advanced, Reliable, Tested:  Highest quality results, based on state of the art genetic data (SNPs)
  • Rapid, Easy, Cost-Effective: IDentify has many operational advantages over existing methodologies

Gather Important Investigational Info Without Reference Data

IDentify enables investigators to gather important phenotypic information from genetic information, even in the absence of reference samples. When an individual’s genetic profile is not present in existing criminal databases (such as CODIS), investigators have traditionally had limited options to gain meaningful insights from the DNA evidence. Using advanced genetics, this technology delivers the ability to infer a person’s bio-geographic origin and physical features/characteristics, helping to advance investigations in a manner that previously could not be accomplished. Using large data sets, it also enables investigators to connect individuals in 3rd level (or more distant) relationships.

  • Deduce bio-geographic origin and physical characteristics from genetic information
  • Connect individuals in terms of their relationships up to 3rd level

Advanced, Reliable Results You Can Trust

IDentify results are obtained using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), highly informative genetic markers. The data is based on 800,000 data points, generating power, accuracy and reliability in the analysis. It then uses advanced anthropometric and statistical methodology to evaluate each SNP against large-scale genomic and phenotypic reference datasets. For each sample analyzed, IDentify generates a quality score. This enables investigators to assess the reliability of that particular prediction, allowing them to prioritize the extracted information and proceed with greater certainty about the results of the analysis. IDentify has undergone rigorous analysis and review by collaborators, has in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at premier scientific conferences. All have confirmed the reliability of the results.

  • 800,000 Data Points, increases power and accuracy of results
  • Advanced Analysis enables investigators to prioritize results, proceed with greater confidence
  • Scientifically Proven accuracy and reliability

Powerful All-in-One Solution

IDentify employs a computationally powerful approach that examines SNPs to develop a profile that describes the physical appearance of an individual. The aggregate SNP profile is able to push beyond existing limitations to predict an image of the subject, along with information about their recent environment, with a high degree of accuracy. This comprehensive test creates highly specific phenotypic predictions from a single DNA sample by combining data related to:

  • Bio-geographic Ancestry
  • Relatedness/Kinship analysis
  • Gender and other variables tracked using traditional STR-based technologies, such as Y and mitochrondrial haplotype
  • Physical Appearance (hair color, eye color, etc.)

By combining these data sets in a single test, IDentify is able to generate investigative leads, more rapidly and with less starting information than traditional approaches.

Cost-Effective, Efficient, Time Saving Analysis

The comprehensive SNP panel can be run using a single DNA aliquot for all tests. As a result, IDentify requires less DNA than traditional approaches, saving valuable DNA for future testing. A single aliquot also requires less labor, increasing the efficiency of the process, while reducing time to results. The software generates comprehensive reports that have a simple, straightforward, and highly informative interface. Finally, the IDentify analysis process costs substantially less than other analysis methods

  • Single aliquot of DNA
  • Highly Efficient, rapid and straightforward Analysis
  • Tests Run by a Premier Service Provider cost less than half that of comparable technologies
  • Simple submission, analysis, and report preparation pathway