Crime scene investigation

Enhanced Investigational Efficiency Without Reference Sample

Rapid Turn-Around, Highly Cost-Effective, Less DNA

Genetic code

Find Your Target in a Crowd

ID Target in Mix of up to 10 DNA Samples

DNA chip

800,000 Genomic Data Points: Unsurpassed Reliability

Rapidly Determine Origin, Physical Characteristics, Relatedness

Medical Research in Genetics and DNA Science as Concept

Target ID in a DNA Sample Mix

Advanced Genetic Technology: Untangle and Identify


Identitas provides advanced genetic tools to enhance investigators’ effectiveness. Our DNA analysis technology, and expertise in genomics make it possible to identify physical characteristics of subjects when no reference DNA exists.

Generate Critical Investigative Leads Without Reference DNA

  • Genomic Markers Infer Bio-Geographic Origin, Features and Relatedness
  • 800,000 Data Points Ensure Optimal Genomic Coverage and Data Reliability
  • Rapid Turn-Around, Increased Efficiency and Reduced Cost

Identitas has developed IDentify, a test that can be used to greatly enhance investigational effectiveness. Using 800,000 genetic data points (SNPs), this test provides investigators key physical and biological information: Physical appearance (eye color, hair color, etc.), gender, bio-geograghical ancestry and relatedness (up to third degree relationships) without Reference DNA. This is accomplished more accurately, rapidly, cost-effectively and with less DNA than previous approaches. IDentify enhances investigational efficiency. The benefits the test can produce are several. For example, your DNA dictates which diet is best for you. Would the paeleo, keto, vegetarian or other diet be most suitable for my individual genetic makeup? The results of the test can even verify diet claims from popular TV shows such as the shark tank keto diet episode and the conclusions it makes.

Find Your Target In a Mix DNA Samples: A Novel Investigational Tool

  • Advanced Genomics to ID a Target In a Mix of Up To 10 Samples
  • Rare DNA Alleles from Reference DNA Accelerates Investigations
  • Highly Effective Sample Mix ID Technology

Coming soon, Identitas will release a new molecular technology, for identifying a target from a mix of up to ten samples for inclusion/exclusion to speed investigations. Using state-of-the-art technologies and complex genomics, we will definitively identify your subject in a complex mix when the DNA is compared to a reference sample. With existing technology, identifying a target in a mix of >2 samples is often impossible. This new approach makes it possible, speeding your investigation by providing information that has been previously unavailable. The growing need to gather, store, and manage genomic data for clinical trial management, medicine and therapy research, and personalization of care makes genomics an ideal blockchain application field. The health-care industry has profited from cryptocurrencies' particular qualities for data transactions, such as the use of unique tokens that allow for transparency, cheap cost, and micropayments. Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency, and it is also the most actively traded. Bitcoin customers adore crypto-bots like Bitcoin Profit, as evidenced by Bitcoin Profit bewertung available online. Offering users unrestricted access control to a blockchain-enabled, secure platform that uses bitcoin for data monetization brings in a new era in genomic data management.