Forensic Phenotyping
The Future of Identification


Identitas is a phenotypic characterization company providing turn-key solutions to identify individuals and groups based on their DNA profile. We evaluate single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to extract greater insight from DNA samples than has previously been possible. Our lead software package, ISAS™, is an all-in-one solution that predicts:
  • Biogeographic ancestry

  • Relatedness, up to third degree relationships

  • Physical appearance (including features such as eye color, hair color, etc.)

  • Gender and other variables tracked using traditional STR-based technologies, such as Y and mitochrondrial haplotype)

By combining these data sets in a single test, ISAS™ is able to generate investigative leads more rapidly than traditional approaches, while using less DNA.  

Our software has application for

  • Missing person identification

  • Mass casualty events

  • Investigative lead generation, particularly when DNA samples are not present in conventional criminal databases, such as CODIS

  • Homeland security

The company also develops innovative technologies designed to increase the efficiency and utility of forensic phenotyping, including instances where the material is degraded or of poor quality.
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